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Wells Fargo Needs the Online Reputation Expert

True, credible, and accountable online reputation expertise are scarce these days. With thousand of self-claimed online reputation experts charging only a couple of hundred dollars for their services, real experts are suffering. Not only are the pioneers in the web search industry suffering but so are the clients. Individuals and companies with major scandals need expert advice and services that will restore their online reputation while keeping all their information confidential. It is essential that in any online reputation repair process, information is kept confidential because of the legal issues tied to the nature of the work and accountability. Among the many companies that have proven they are not effective reputation managers or outsourcers is Wells Fargo.


In 2013, Well Fargo was rated 9th worst company by Americans. Their reputation score rose but not by a significant amount from the previous year… they have been on the list previous years too. In 2013, the reasoning for the slight increase was that consumers were starting to trust the company again. After the 2008 crash, what ever money Americans had left were willingly put in fire proof safes in their houses; if they remained in their houses. Americans trusted themselves and their neighbours to protect their money more than they trusted the banks and financial institutions. Slowly, Americans started to trust them again. However, that is currently not the case. Not only did Wells Fargo knowingly contribute to the greatest market crash in the history of the United States, they did the same last year but internally. Their focused never changed. Just as they had gained back America’s trust, they created fake accounts to meet their quotas and increase their margins. One can only break someone’s trust so many times. For that reason, online reputation experts are needed not only at Wells Fargo but all large financial institutions. A couple of individuals who have bad intentions can ruin your company and for some, put you out of business.

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