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ValueMags on Facebook

Our world is becoming more and more digital said ValueMags president Andrew Degenholtz. Many small businesses are looking for ways to connect with a much larger group of consumers. A way in which businesses like ValueMags can do this is by using Facebook. Ways in which Facebook can help your business gain a larger amount of consumers would be:


  • Easy to be found: Facebook allows potential customers to search for your company and it is easy for them to find you using the search tab at the top of Facebook’s home page.
  • Connect with followers: Facebook allows you to have individual conversations with followers. You can also view comments they have left on your post as feedback therefore provides a way in which you can improve your business. Followers can also share with their friends and like your posts.
  • Adapt to your target audiences needs and interests: by connecting with your followers you can tailor you posts to their needs.

Getting started with Facebook advertising can be hard. Here are some tips and tricks from ValueMags:

  • Step 1: create a page for your business. Try to use a name your costumers will have an easy time finding.
  • Step 2: share with your friends
  • Step 3: post updates and articles/ stories about your company to build a good rep.
  • Step 4: connect one-on-one with your followers to create a good relationship
  • Step 5: listen to what your followers have to say about how you can improve customer service.
  • Step 6: enjoy your new found audience

Creating a fan base can be hard for a marketing agency for magazine publishers such as ValueMags but it is essential for a Facebook page to be successful. ValueMags has one of the most successful Facebook pages in their industry, ranking as the second result behind their website under their company key word.

  • Invite your Facebook friends to like your page: by doing this you are allowing your Facebook friends to view your page and like it but also they can share it to get connected with their Facebook friends creating a chain effect.
  • Share your page: Make sure you share your page on all of your social media pages (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter…).
  • Research similar pages: be sure to follow similar pages to see who their target audience is. This way you can have an idea of who will be following you in the future and get a head start on grabbing their attention with direct posts.
  • Ask for your customers to like your page: this way your currents customers have easier access to updates on the company and they can share your page with their friends.
  • Finding your audience: Facebook offers a way to find similar people to your original consumers. This is achievable by creating a list of your current costumers and then using the “look alike” button in the ad create tool (see below for more information on the ad create tool). Facebook will use the original list of people and try to find similar people.

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