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How to Grow Your Business with SEO

When it comes to any online business like the GWC Valve International company, getting more people to visit your site is key for your success. With this being said, search engine optimization is a way that businesses and people can increase the online visibility of their websites by strategically fine-tuning and organizing their web content for search engines. There are five steps to follow when it comes to growing your business with search engine optimization including:

  1. Choose the right keywords: any SEO campaigns starts with the right keywords and it is important to keep in mind the following: relevance, search volume and competition. You need to start by listing keywords that are relevant to your business and products, then confirm that customers are actually going to search for those keywords, and finally consider how competitive your keywords are, the longer and more precise the keyword is, the better conversions you will have.


  1. Optimize your content: after choosing your keywords, it is now time to emphasize them in your business’ website copy. You should insert the keyword every 100 words in any content creation include the content on your website or any articles you choose to write.
  1. Optimize title and URL: when creating page titles on blog platforms, the title you choose will also become the web address, so be sure to include your keywords in your title and if possible move them to the front of the title where they belong.
  1. Ask for external linking:this element is more difficult since you need to seek out relevant web sites and ask them if they will link back to your site or blog using your targeted keywords. It helps give your site authority when Google sees that relevant sites are linking back to yours.
  1. Optimize other media:since search engines cant actually see images and videos, it is important to accurately describe them and putting in the necessary keywords in there too in order to help with SEO.

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