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Google Puts Online Reputation Experts Out of Business

Recently, Google has been tightening their algorithms as to how the search engine ranks the content and results that it is provided with from Internet users. This is making online reputation experts increasingly worried about their platforms and their strategies. For many that do not have the appropriate knowledge for the industry, they are being put of business quickly.

However, there are a few individuals and agencies that are beating Google. Among the few, Herman Tumurcuoglu has the knowledge and experience of very few individuals in the industry. Since his departure at mamma.com, one of the first search engine before Google, the Concordia and Carlton graduate has focused his career on personal consultation and refining his services to cater to complicated reputation cases.


As a result, the online reputation expert has built a valuable platform that is constantly evolving around the refinements of search engine algorithms. On the side, he has trained a small team of individuals to see understand what is known about the algorithm and how to spot new patterns within it. Although Google, Bing, and Yahoo have the most advanced minds in the world working for them, very few within the companies understand the basics of the algorithm and where it originated from like Tumurcuoglu. For that reason, his business is booming. He is among a few that Google will likely never be able to put out of business because of his intellectual property.

Intellectual property is one of the few things that no now can ever take away from you. Additionally, it is what makes an individual so valuable which is why Tumurcuoglu is so valuable to business and professionals with online reputation problems. Him and his team are amongst the few online reputation management firms in the world that can crack down on your reputation management problems and provide you with healthy organic results.

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