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Gary Vaynerchuk Attends Influence Montreal: Montreal SEO Expert

Among the many people Herman Tumurcuoglu looks up to, Gary Vaynerchuk was one of the most influential. Known for his wine family fortune and social media marketing expertise, the industry leading marketer is in Montreal this week. Tumurcuoglu is a well known Montreal SEO Expert. His international recognition has won him multiple awards and flown him to many conferences where he’s been asked to speak. Tumurcuoglu has done groundbreaking work on search engine optimization and is a pioneer in the web search industry. He has shared a stage with some of the most renown  tech influencers but Gary Vee has not been one of them yet.


Instead, the Montreal SEO Expert is hoping to pick his brain at Influence Montreal this week. In his early life, Gary Vee used his entrepreneurial skills to steal flowers from his neighbor’s garden and resell them with his charm… of course they did not know that he had previously ripped them out. However, this was the start of Gary Vee’s entrepreneurial career. At the age of 14, Gary was forced into the family business of wine store. The discount liquor store was popular but was not making enough revenue to keep his parents too comfortable. However, when Gary learnt about the Internet in college, he quickly made his parents lives a million times for comfortable. Over the following years after developing a “wine library”, the family business soared to $60 million in sales. A $57 million increase from the previous couple of years. From then on he made it him mission to distinguish sale opportunities in the tech industry and pursue them. The Montreal SEO Expert has a very similar mindset when he contribute to developing one of the first search engines in the world. For more information about how to get inspired by Gary Vee and Herman Tumurcuoglu, visit the link provided above.

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