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Defining a Leader with ValueMags

Throughout the extensive leadership training that ValueMags executives go through, every individuals will had their own leadership styles and leading nuances. ValueMags President, Andrew Degenholtz has had many years to come up with his own definition for being a leader means but it is constantly changing. As his children grow up and ValueMags grows and evolves, his leadership style evolves and grows with them.


Currently, the optimistic President believes that a leader will try to brighten the environment around them before shining light on them. They will never ask or require recognition for their work but they will always be thankful for the work of their team and followers. They are independent and confident yet work well with others. People will make mistakes, it`s a matter of how they fix them and find the solutions that will make them a leader. These solutions are gradual and are justified by Degenholtz’ constant evolution to self-actualization. A leader isn`t someone who is neither perfect nor better – a leader is someone who thrives to be a better person every day to support themselves, the people around them (in this case his kids and employees), and everything they are involved with.

Leadership is not an easy task but there are many instances where leading yourself or a group of people to success is not. It will not come easy, it will come with practice and hard work. Working to be a better person is all you can do to lead this world to being a better place. If everyone starts with themselves, this world will not need much leading because it will be a united front of individuals trying to make themselves better.

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